Largest conglomerate in Tanzania switches gears from response to transformation with next-gen Freight Forwarding System -CORVI

Largest conglomerate in Tanzania switches gears from response to transformation with next-gen Freight Forwarding System -CORVI

Digital Imperatives for Freight Forwarding

For many decades, the freight forwarding industry across Africa has relied on an opaque and outdated system whereby, in many cases, importers and exporters deal with multiple touch points scattered across various vendors, just to complete a single transaction. The need of the hour is integrated solution which is easy to implement and provides real-time data. These digital business models have the potential to win in the marketplace where digitization is the keystone.


An industry veteran needing a robust system

Our client is an industry veteran in Tanzania and also has widespread presence across Eastern Africa. The client is a conglomerate with extensive supply chain and wanted a robust automated systems to keep a track of all their cargo which is essentially agro commodity products. For several years the operations remained manual and disintegrated, so they wanted to automate their operations. This would also bring in the required compliance control for their cargo movement with the neighbouring countries where they have a strong presence.


Technology to improve efficiencies and add value to supply chains

The client clearly need a future-proof system to unify their operations across various locations and branches in East Africa. They looked at addressed issues around:

  • Disparate systems with manual operations
  • Cumbersome operations
  • Revenue leakages with underutilization of fleet, resources and manpower
  • Business visibility being nearly zero
  • Need to improve service quality level
  • Meeting multi -Customs compliance



Kale Logistics Solutions was seen as the go-to IT solution provider in Africa. Its resilient Freight Forwarding Management system –CORVI was offered as the best fit solution. CORVI offers end-to-end multi-modal operations support along with complete track and trace. Moreover, CORVI enables to integrate with standalone ERP modules and support international trade documentation compliance.


Feature-rich solutions

  • Inbuilt sales and CRM modules optimise sales-related functions such as lead generation, setting sales targets, enquiry and quotation management etc.
  • Helps to manage customer complaints and feedback
  • Support for international trade documentation such as Bill of Lading, Air Waybill, Cargo Arrival Notice, Delivery Order etc.
  • Support for multi-modal operations
  • Enables General and Transit warehouse management
  • e-Docket feature facilitates document sharing within stakeholder network and online approvals
  • Easy integration with leading financial Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems like SAP, Oracle etc.
  • Comprehensive expense management
  • Ability to connect with leading airline and shipping lines
  • Support for strategic decision making through in-built Business Intelligence module
  • Management Information System (MIS) and operational reports


Measurable Impact

With the implementation of CROVI, the client could achieve considerable Improvement in Productivity and also

  • End-to-end milestone tracking capability
  • Ensuring compliance control
  • Improving operational capabilities
  • Seamless exchange of data with eDocket facilities
  • Paperless trade
  • Better resource utilization


Business Benefits

  • Sales and operational control
  • Improvement in efficiency and productivity
  • Real-time visibility and status updates from multiple systems
  • Compliance control
  • Operational Visibility and Controls
  • Pro-Active alerts about shipment milestone
  • Informed decision making capabilities using Business Intelligence Tools
  • Quick ROI realization
  • Customer portal for complaints and feedback


“CORVI is the best solution that suited our requirements and streamlined our operations seamlessly. The system went live in a short time with active management and team involvement. Most of the features are in use which has helped us streamline our sales and operations.”

– Chief Information Officer