Largest Ground Handling operator in Norway optimises cargo handling capabilities with GALAXY.

Largest Ground Handling operator in Norway optimises cargo handling capabilities with GALAXY.

Largest Ground Handling Operator in Norway optimises air cargo handling capabilities with GALAXY

Widroe Ground Handling (WGH) owns the largest regional airline and Ground Handling operations across Norway. They provide Ground Handling services at 42 airports throughout Norway and handle around 185,000 departures yearly. The company serves close to 41 domestic and 6 international destinations with an impressive turnover exceeding 2.9 billion KR. WGH operates on varying sizes of airports throughout Norway.

Challenge in optimising cargo flow through multiple airports

One of the key challenges for WGH was managing their Ground Handling operations across the varying sizes and cargo volumes for their airports. With an ongoing objective of continuously striving to achieve the best in class operations, it was imperative for them to employ a technology that was capable of integrating the huge volume of their wide spread operations.

GALAXY gives a winning edge

GALAXY- a next generation, scalable and industry compliant system is a first of its kind solution which caters to all kinds of Ground Handling capabilities for varying size of airports. It not only automates all cargo handling operations, but also provides a collaborative platform for stakeholders such as Airlines, GSAs, Bonded Truckers, Custom Brokers, Forwarding agents, Customs, Banks and other stakeholders. GALAXY automates the internal warehouse and cargo handling processes. With an ability to stay abreast with the changing regulatory requirements, GALAXY drives greater efficiency and visibility in ground handling operations.

With GALAXY, Widroe got a customised solution for enhancing their Ground Handling capabilities. Be it handling export/imports or transhipment, GALAXY ensured quick & comprehensive information on consignment status, cargo tracking and terminal operations along with specific capabilities like Unit Loading Device (ULD) management, service level management as per AHM801, tracking, terminal & airline invoicing, mail and courier handling. All this helped Widroe to strengthen control over their operations.

Our operations are dispersed in about 39 airport locations handling varying volumes. It was thus imperative for us to choose a technology partner who can apprehend our requirements and provide us with the most suitable solution. Moreover, as we were operating on strict deadlines, it was imperative that the solution implementation and live was prompt. Kale Logistics Solutions ensured a quick role out for us within the stipulated deadline. With Kale’s GALAXY airport cargo handling system, we were able to gain complete control and visibility on our operations. GALAXY is a cost effective and flexible solution enriched with comprehensive features especially designed for airport cargo operations. – Espen Westermann, Cargo Operation Manager & Key Account Manager, Wideroe Ground Handling AS

Around 185,000 departures yearly

38 Airports

More than 380 users