Next-gen Technologies Driving Air Cargo to the New Normal

Next-gen Technologies Driving Air Cargo to the New Normal

For the past few months, cargo-only flights are being operated across the globe to keep the vital supply chain of medical supplies and essentials active. While, the operations are resuming slowly across the globe with relaxing lockdown and cross-border trade norms, there has been a 360 degree transformation in the industry.

Traditionally, air cargo has been slow in terms of technology adoption even though in the recent months and years, the adoption has been rapid. Right from capturing data to ensuring data transparency as well as tracking end-to-end cargo movement, technology has gone pretty deeper to transform the industry functions. Spearheading these innovations are certain technologies and they are as follows.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) garnered more recognition in the recent years as the demand for cognitive and predictive capabilities in automation grew. With these capabilities, analysing a demand slump/growth becomes simple. Followed by seamless automation of functions as well as end-to-end tracking of Cargo movement thereby ensuring real-time Cargo visibility for all stakeholders. With the use of AI/ML in full swing, the Air Cargo operations will be getting 100 per cent automated.

Cargo Community System

Lack of communication among stakeholders is a major challenge in the logistics industry. Right from Cargo handlers to Freight Forwarders and Customs Brokers indulge in utilising an ERP system of their own. But the processes are autonomous to the stakeholder’s functions. This means lack of integrated processes and functions which in turn causes delay in operations. Cargo Community System is a new age technology which enables integration of ERP Systems into a common cloud through which stakeholders can track cargo movement. Also, sharing advance information by triggering EDI messages are other potential benefits. Moreover, the entire air cargo operation can go paperless with 360 degree digitisation.


Transparency and data theft are critical issues for the Air Cargo stakeholders. Right from sharing critical advanced information safely to securing the information from phishing attacks and data thefts, the need to safeguard data is pretty high. That’s the time when Blockchain comes into play. The robust algorithm and encryption mechanism cut down the scope of phishing attacks to zero. Already several frameworks for the air cargo stakeholders are in place and assists in cutting down critical issues such as revenue leakage and data theft. On that note, the need for Blockchain will be high in the coming days too. Cargo Handling System/Cargo Community System service providers will leverage the power of Blockchain more in the coming days.


In the past few years wearable gadgets have engulfed the markets pretty well globally. The next trend is creating wearables that are enable performing business functions remotely. 24×7 cargo movement tracking, receiving and sending advanced information are some examples of activities which can be performed with wearables. Experts are working on devices which can be suitable for the functions. Already Bluetooth, Smartwatches etc are widely utilised and in the coming days the utility is expected to surge high. Wearables are expected to be part of a new age cargo handling system/cargo community system.

With all these technologies spearheading an industry with digitisation as the key component to growth, the air cargo is already inclined towards the same. Rise in the demand for Cargo Handling System, Cargo Community System, Logistics e-marketplace and Digital Freight Corridors are increasing rapidly. The importance of Cargo Handling System is a trend which requires special focus as various ground handlers and terminal operators would largely require a Cargo Handling System to simplify their operations. As we rise to a new normal, the ones who did not comply with the digitisation norms might seize to exist. As the industry keeps transforming, do read something on sustainability.