Tejasvi Bhosale- Women Setting New Benchmarks for Growth | Women in Kale

Tejasvi Bhosale- Women Setting New Benchmarks for Growth | Women in Kale

Consistent learning is something that propels your growth in the corporate world. A study suggests that constant learners thrive in a corporate environment ten times more than others. Why? Because they become more organised and adaptable to perform under pressure. One such professional is Tejasvi Bhosale, the Senior Programming Analyst at Kale Logistics Solutions. Throughout her journey in the organisation, she never stopped learning, and that attitude has propelled her growth.

The lone girl

“When I first joined Kale, I was, in fact, the lone girl in the entire team. However, I never felt the difference, as the organisation gave everyone in the team equal opportunities. This attitude motivated me to perform better in my job. Just because I’m a woman, my chances are not held, and this is such a refreshing trait in an organisation, “says Tejasvi.

Enormous support to learn and grow

Speaking about opportunities to grow, Tejasvi says, “Kale, as an organisation, promotes learning continuously and evolving as a professional. Moreover, our team leaders are more supportive and motivating so that we are driven to deliver results.”

Work-life balance

“When I had a family emergency, they allowed me to work from home. Work was a little hectic when we started working from home due to the pandemic. Even though we anticipated it, we found it difficult in the initial days. However, the team coordinated so well that we all worked efficiently every day. This way, we never felt the pressure. Hence, it all went way smoother than expected. Such is the work culture of the organisation,” says Tejasvi.

Tejasvi, the achiever

Team Kale consists of women professionals striving hard to achieve their goals by consistently learning and evolving. Such individuals are a true inspiration to every single individual.