The emergence of SaaS-based Logistics software solutions


The emergence of SaaS-based Logistics software solutions


Software as a Service, or SaaS, emerged as a trend post-2010, and it has been growing exponentially since then. SaaS as an industry is worth US$193 billion; over the past seven years, it has grown nearly 500 per cent. Driving this humongous demand is the need for inexpensive software products that will be available on demand.


While finance and other major industries have been widely leveraging the SaaS advantage, the Logistics industry has been leveraging SaaS since the pandemic outbreak when remote working became the norm. Interestingly, small and medium players with a small team leverage the power of SaaS-based offerings more than the larger ones. 


Here is a list of benefits besides cost savings offered by SaaS-based Logistics software solutions.



With growing competition and the need for changing customer excellence, scalability for Logistics providers is essential. With an on-demand model, the updates are automatic, and the expenses are covered in the annual/quarterly/monthly payment models. Therefore, SaaS offers enormous scalability for players of all sizes.


Faster deployment

Deploying a full-fledged software product at a client location is considered a time-consuming process. On the other hand, a SaaS-based model is readily available for plug-and-play. The entities must choose the number of users and the payment cycle to start utilising the product. This way, no extra training is required for users as a SaaS-based platform is user-friendly and ensures ease of use.


Seamlessly accessible

Unlike legacy software, SaaS-based solutions are accessible to the user anywhere and anytime. Also, it is available on desktops, laptops, and mobile phones for seamless access anywhere, anytime. Therefore, if someone has to access the dashboard and book a cargo slot quickly, the process can be done quickly through any of these devices. Thus, the process becomes way too seamless.


The future of Single Window Solutions?

Given the adoption rate for SaaS-based software solutions worldwide, it is expected that years later, the adoption of even single window and community-based solutions would be SaaS-enabled to ensure seamless trade facilitation.