Will 2023 bring a new vision for the Logistics Industry?

Will 2023 bring a new vision for the Logistics Industry?

The past couple of years have seen some intense action and reflection. We have seen a global pandemic, geopolitical tensions, supply chain disruptions, cryptocurrency rise, and many other public and private upheavals. As the dust settles and a clearer picture of the world emerges, we believe we stand at the threshold of great opportunity and growth.

As we begin the new year, we are on the cusp of initiating a global wave of transforming Airports and Ports’ operations. We are working with 46 Airports and 7 Ports globally to create our community platforms. When fully implemented, our platforms have the potential to reduce congestion, eliminate unnecessary paperwork, and bring transparency to the supply chain. We are also involved in path-breaking work connecting cargo communities at two different Airports and establishing Sea-Air corridors to facilitate multi-modal cross-border movement.

We have grown significantly in the last two years and will further expand our US operations this year. We will also begin some marquee Airport community work in Europe this year, adding to our existing customer base. We are further developing value-added services to our communities and increasing deep tech intervention use cases of blockchain, AI, ML, and IoT in our platforms. We are on the way to establishing the world’s largest digital Logistics cloud-enabled platform for the International Supply Chain.

We will also grow our global partnerships with other eco-system players with complementary offerings. We are proud that we are working towards making the industry and our world much more sustainable by saving hundreds of trees per Airport/Port annually and several ounces of CO2 through our platform. We are all set to grow in near triple digits, and we love the excitement!



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