Woman breaking all odds-Maureen Kam- Fresh perspectives breathe new life into old stories

Woman breaking all odds-Maureen Kam- Fresh perspectives breathe new life into old stories


The field of Logistics is currently experiencing a notable increase in the presence of women, whose valuable contributions deserve acknowledgement. Women are playing a pivotal role in shaping the logistics industry, from supply chain management to transportation and ground handling, thereby fostering a more inclusive sector.


One exemplary individual is Maureen Kam, who boasts over 20 years of experience in the airline industry. She effectively leads teams in global sales and digital transformation programs across Asia, the South Pacific, and North America. In her role at Kale Info, she spearheads the sales and marketing strategy to ensure customer success across their community platforms and enterprise solutions in the Americas region.


What makes Kale an employer of choice?

Maureen, who recently became a part of Kale, acknowledges that the company is a renowned leader in the logistics industry and is known for its innovative solutions. “I’m thrilled to be working with a team revolutionising Logistics operations. Kale provides an environment that nurtures creativity, and I’m really looking forward to being part of the effort to drive the digital transformation of global logistics with pioneering solutions. I’m eager to gain exposure to diverse markets, cultures, and global opportunities and to contribute to international projects and cross-functional collaborations.”, says Maureen.


Working with colleagues

Maureen has observed that Kale upholds a dynamic and collaborative work environment where ideas are openly shared, creativity is fostered, and teamwork is highly esteemed. “Working with Amar More is consistently rewarding, as he possesses a clear vision for Kale and diligently works towards it, inspiring and motivating us to do the same. He is a collaborative leader who aids us in gaining a clear and enhanced perspective to advance towards our objectives,” says Maureen.


Pioneering path for women

The contemporary era of inclusivity within the logistics industry, devoid of gender bias, has introduced a new perspective. Maureen asserts, “I would not label them as innovative concepts, but rather as principles that contribute to shaping a more inclusive and pioneering logistics industry. Diversity and inclusivity guarantee equal opportunities for all. They endeavour towards sustainability by prioritising eco-friendliness, waste reduction, and establishing a more sustainable Logistics industry for our future.


Work-Life Balance

Ensuring a balanced work-life dynamic is crucial for sustaining productivity and nurturing creativity. As Maureen emphasises, attaining this equilibrium necessitates intentional effort, self-awareness, and steadfast commitment. She advocates establishing distinct boundaries, prioritising tasks, effectively managing time, discerning when to reject additional obligations, and prioritising self-care.


Looking into the new horizon

Maureen emphasised, “I am presently engaged in establishing strategic partnerships with prominent entities in the North American logistics sector to broaden our market presence and access new market segments. Our marketing approach entails tailoring campaigns to address the specific requirements of North American clientele, utilising market research and data analytics to comprehend their challenges, and emphasising brand awareness, lead generation, and customer relationships. Contributing to realising the company’s vision and mission is profoundly rewarding.”