Woman breaking all odds – Pradnya Dhamankar | Excellence is a result of always striving to do better

Woman breaking all odds – Pradnya Dhamankar | Excellence is a result of always striving to do better


Despite possessing the same level of drive and determination as their male counterparts, women leaders struggle to advance in their careers due to obstacles that stand in their way. Therefore, it is essential for these women to seek out companies that prioritise employee well-being, diversity, equity, and inclusion. By doing so, women leaders can thrive and significantly contribute to their organisations.

The Women in the Workplace report by McKinsey and LeanIn.Org highlights the importance of these values in creating a truly equitable and inclusive workplace. Thus, companies must not settle for the bare minimum but strive to go above and beyond to promote gender equality.

Get inspired by the career journey of Pradnya Dhamankar, an accomplished Lead Systems Analyst at Kale Logistics Solutions—her incredible success results from her unwavering passion and determination for her work. Let’s explore her impressive story with Kale together.

Initial Days in Kale

Pradnya says that I worked in the IT sector but was searching for a more convenient workplace near her residence to reduce her travel time. Entering Kale’s office, the warm and welcoming atmosphere immediately put me at ease As I sat through the interview, I knew deep down that I was in the right place, and it felt as though I had already known them for a long time. I was thrilled to be part of this team and put in my best effort. As my manager grew more confident in my abilities, he entrusted me with additional responsibilities and was receptive to my ideas.

Working with Male Colleagues

Since day one, my gender has never hindered my ability to excel at my job. Thanks to my supportive manager and colleagues, I have never felt inferior, who have always treated me with respect. While I initially received guidance to understand my project, I quickly gained complete control over my work, significantly boosting my confidence in my skills.

Work-Life Balance

My job is demanding because meeting deadlines and keeping customers happy is a big responsibility. However, I appreciate the flexibility of my schedule because it allows me to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Even though I took a two-year break from work, I was thrilled to rejoin Kale because the work environment is fantastic.

Why work for Kale?

I feel fortunate to work at Kale Logistics Solutions, as it has become a second home. I have established strong relationships with my manager and colleagues, making my experience here even more positive. This company provides an ideal work environment for women seeking support and flexibility, focusing on human compassion that promotes career advancement and personal growth. Their gender-neutral policies ensure that everyone has equal opportunities to thrive. I highly recommend Kale Logistics Solutions to both my friends and colleagues.

Aim beyond the mark to hit the mark

Over the last eight years, I have experienced significant personal and professional growth. I constantly strive to exceed expectations and I am passionate about learning and problem-solving. Moving forward, I am excited to work independently on my projects and collaborate closely with management to bring value to the company and achieve extraordinary success.