Hemangi Prajapati – Women Breaking the Status Quo | Women in Kale

Hemangi Prajapati – Women Breaking the Status Quo | Women in Kale

Over a decade, the way women have paved their way within the tech industry is commendable. The fact that the industry has witnessed a steady rise of women in the technology arena is a great one. While there has been tremendous progress, we also need to acknowledge the efforts put in to get to the position where we are today. Conversations around diversity, equality, and inclusion have become important boardroom discussion points. Organizations have recognized the reality that having a diverse workforce leads to better performance, many companies have taken positive steps towards bridging the diversity gap — gender being foremost.

There is still a long way to go before; we can confidently say that women are adequately represented within the technology industry. Kale Logistics Solutions (Kale), in its dream of building an inclusive workplace, places the women workforce on the top of the pyramid. Kale has emerged as a workplace where women feel valued, and their career graphs have accelerated to new heights. Here is the blog dedicated to Womanpower in Kale.


Meet Hemangi Prajapati, Senior Programming Analyst

Hemangi Prajapati is one of the most experienced women employees in the organization. Her sheer determination to work and excel in the field brought her to Kale. Right from the beginning, she has proved to be a valuable resource for the company.



Hemangi joined in 2015 as a Programmer, and soon in less than a year, she proved her merit with her on the time project delivery and meeting the concerns of the client efficiently and was quickly absorbed on the rolls of the company. She says, “Joining Kale is one of best decisions made by me. It was like a gift from heaven because I had a 6-month-old baby, and I was concerned about managing work and my responsibilities as a new mother. However, Kale made my life simple by offering me flexible work hours and very streamlined work. Now, we have all been working from home for a long time. But my manager gave me the liberty to work from home on and off whenever required.”


Working among men

When asked about working among men and witnessing a male-dominated office ecosystem, Hemangi says, “Yes, when I joined, there were a lot of men and especially in the development arena. But as team members, they all were very supportive. Even today, we all support each other’s growth story. My manager ensured I felt comfortable working for the organization. But things are changing rapidly now. Many women are making a career choice to be in the IT development space, which is very encouraging.”


More learning opportunities

According to Hemangi, unlike other places she has worked, there is no training given to the employees to grow further. However, in Kale, pieces of training are an integral part of the organization they are happening now and then. She says, “I knew ASP. Net, when I joined, as time progressed, I equipped myself technically to the latest tech stack, and now I see a better professional made of me.”



Hemangi further says that if she was to say why Kale is the best, there are multiple reasons. However, the primary reasons will be a supportive approach among colleagues, a learning ecosystem for all, and offers the perfect work-life balance.