Mugdha Tamhankar – Women Breaking the Stereotypes | Women in Kale

Mugdha Tamhankar – Women Breaking the Stereotypes | Women in Kale

While, internet has been crucial in driving the fourth wave of feminism across the globe and innovation in technology are making huge strides to better understand and integrate women’s needs into product development, but we cannot ignore the flagrant gender inequality that exists today in the tech industry. History has represented technology as a man’s world, an idea that has is being ferociously challenged. Even though, we have come a long way from those staid notions, but it’s clearly a very long road and there is more to conquer in this struggle. Yet, women broke the stereotypes and have proved they are capable of handling those tasks on their own merit.

Kale Logistics Solutions (Kale), in its dream of building an inclusive workplace, places the women workforce on the top of the pyramid. For this reason, Kale has emerged as a workplace where women feel valued, and their career graphs have accelerated to new heights. Here is the blog dedicated to Womanpower in Kale.

Mugdha Tamhankar – Senior Manager – Delivery

Meet Mugdha Tamhankar, one of the old hats in Kale. She first joined, the organization when it was in its formative stage. As a junior programmer, Mugdha was presented the opportunity to contribute on several large and key projects. Thanks to her dedication and urge to learn. She gathered insights, executed the entire projects, and closely monitored implementation of the systems in overseas locations. Here is Mugdha’s journey from a Junior Resource to a Senior Manager.

From a junior resource to a team lead in a short span of time

Explaining her journey in Kale, Mugdha says, “There were several projects in which I was involved from a very early stage of my career, I got to implement several domestic and international projects. I take pride to telling today that I was part of the team which developed some of the world-class solutions which are immensely popular today.” She also adds, “My seniors were very supportive and motivating. I was mentored by them in every aspect of the project development, be it requirement analysis, customer interaction, testing, etc. In a way, I could deliver better results. Now, I’m leading projects and I have taken full responsibility of our offerings.”

Why Kale is better than the rest?

Before Kale, Mugdha claims to have worked for a smaller company where she had limited exposure, “I was pretty young and naïve that time and after joining Kale, they put so much trust in me and that itself motivated me to a large extent to deliver better. When I had family responsibilities, the management gave me the liberty to work from home and part time for a while. Any woman would expect working for such an organization.”

How Kale employees ensure work-life balance?

Talking about work life balance, Mugdha explains how resources in her team are managing work seamlessly and still ensuring the peace, “we work for different geographies and in different time zones. Our entire team is online sometimes after our regular work hours to respond to customer queries and understand their requirements. Flexible work-hours has improved the efficiency and still maintain a great work-life balance.”

Why Kale is the right place for women to work?

According to Mugdha, “being a senior resource in the organization, I have been the first one in the organization to have begun working from home and part time. However, she claims these were not the only sops Kale offered. They gave me the liberty to take a break as well and accepted me back when I asked for an opportunity again.” She concludes saying, “women and men are treated equally in Kale. Just because you are a woman, the management doesn’t consider you inept to go to client’s location and perform implementation of projects. They believe in your skill and motivate you to deliver the best in any situation.”