Women Challenging the Status Quo – Prisha Bahrani | Resilience- is the key to success

Women Challenging the Status Quo – Prisha Bahrani | Resilience- is the key to success

A study conducted by the Female Quotient (FQ) and Cisco in November 2022 surveyed 3000 working women from ten countries. The findings revealed that a majority of working women, 61 per cent in their personal lives and 65 per cent in their professional lives, feel resilient. Meet Prisha Bahrani, a Senior Programmer Analyst at Kale Logistics Solutions who has established a distinguished career through her unwavering determination and perseverance. Here is her journey at Kale.

Initial Days in Kale

Prisha says, “From the beginning of my career at Kale, I was given the fantastic opportunity to engage with clients directly. My seniors trusted me and allowed me to participate in onsite visits and demos, which helped me develop a strong sense of confidence. I have engaged in fruitful discussions with my colleagues throughout my time here and gained invaluable perspectives from their expertise. This outstanding collaboration is a testament to the exceptional team, managers, and colleagues who consistently facilitate the seamless execution of our work.”

Working with Male Colleagues

“At Kale, we value diverse teams for their creativity and problem-solving abilities. This is because individuals from various backgrounds bring unique perspectives and life experiences to the table. I have witnessed no inequality between our female and male employees throughout my seven years at Kale. Our women are leaders in driving our teams to success. We prioritise equality and promote a team environment where individuals of all backgrounds are treated equally and given opportunities to grow, “says Prisha.
She continues saying, “In the coming years, I am determined to take on more responsibilities and broaden my knowledge within the company. With my seven years of experience in this industry, I can utilise my expertise to reach this objective. Moreover, I am thrilled to continue honing my technical and interpersonal skills, which are crucial for my future growth in a managerial role.”

Work-Life Balance

Speaking on work life balance, Prisha says, “Achieving a work-life balance is not just about dividing your time equally between work and leisure. It involves prioritising tasks based on their importance. At Kale, we may sometimes work beyond regular hours, but we are happy to do so because we have the freedom to manage our work and personal lives in a way that works for us. I appreciate the flexible working hours culture at Kale. In my opinion, having inflexible working hours may lead employees to focus more on time than their productivity.”
“On the other hand, providing employees with more control over their work schedule can boost their satisfaction, leading to better business growth and profitability. Implementing a flexible working system has proven to yield favourable outcomes. This approach fosters a stronger bond between employers and employees, as it demonstrates a supportive management style that employees appreciate, “she added further.

Why work for Kale?

“When it comes to finding a workplace that meets our needs, we know exactly what we want. We possess a definitive understanding of the exact components that constitute our ideal workplace, one that can satisfy all our requirements. A positive work culture, flexible schedules, a supportive and friendly environment, helpful colleagues, work-life balance, and opportunities for continued learning are all non-negotiables. Luckily, Kale checks all these boxes. Working with such an enthusiastic team has been an absolute pleasure, and I’m proud to have been a part of the Kale team for many years now, “smiles Prisha.

Aiming for the Stars and Reaching Beyond

Prisha Bahrani is an exceptional individual who aims for the stars and goes above and beyond to attain her aspirations. Through her unwavering determination, she has pursued various career paths and achieved great success. She is dedicated to improving her skills and is confident in her ability to reach her goals. She is fully committed to honing her skills and credits her achievements to her unwavering determination, enabling her to explore various career opportunities.