Women setting new benchmarks| Neelam Mandaliya- Hard work is irreplaceable

Women setting new benchmarks| Neelam Mandaliya- Hard work is irreplaceable

The progress made by the corporate world in recognising women’s leadership abilities is undeniable. It was common to see men occupying senior positions in companies in the past, but this is no longer the case. Today, women are successfully leading some of the world’s most prominent and profitable businesses, marking a significant step towards gender equality in the workplace.
Meet Neelam Mandaliya, the Company Secretary who leads the compliance department effortlessly. As the Company Secretary, she is responsible for efficiently administering the company, ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements, and implementing decisions made by the board of directors. Neelam is a confident and determined woman who handles her role gracefully, easily filling big shoes.

Initial Days in Kale: 

“In my previous job, I felt like I was stuck in a monotonous routine, doing the same mundane tasks every day. However, Kale has been a breath of fresh air. During my interview, I was told I would be responsible for managing everything independently, which was exciting and intimidating. It confirmed that this was the challenge I was looking for,” says Neelam.
She adds, “The first few days were critical in proving my capabilities to myself. Collaborating with three different managers has been a very rewarding and educational experience. Kale provides a stimulating work environment for those seeking a challenge, and I am very fortunate to be a part of it. I work with various teams, and the support is evident throughout. While working with management can be demanding, they have been nothing but supportive and have taught me to view all aspects of the business. As a result, I have gained a wealth of knowledge from them.”

Working with Male Colleagues

Although her field is predominantly male-dominated, she searched for alternative paths and found that working as a company secretary suited my personality. I have no regrets about choosing this career path. Most of her time is spent collaborating with the management team, which includes three exceptional men from Kale. Working with them has helped her evolve and continuously learn. It has given her the freedom to work independently, and the opportunities for growth and exposure are immense. She says, “I am grateful for the open-minded individuals I work with, who allow me to express my opinions without hesitation, not only from a legal perspective but also in other areas.”

Work-Life Balance 

Working at Kale is fortunate, which prioritises its employees’ well-being. Despite the demands of her job, the atmosphere is always positive and uplifting, which she truly appreciates. Kale’s unwavering compassion never ceases to impress her, making her proud to be a part of this organisation. Even when swamped with work, she still finds herself motivated, thanks to the supportive environment that Kale provides. She feels that being given the opportunity to lead a department at such a young age only adds to her confidence and drive. Overall, she couldn’t be happier with her position at Kale and look forward to continuing to grow and thrive within this exceptional company.

 A seeker at heart. 

Throughout her academic journey, she was a dedicated and diligent student who received invaluable guidance from her teacher. She instilled the fundamental principle of hard work, which has remained a driving force in her life. She is naturally inquisitive and has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and growth in her field. She aspires to become a dependable resource for those seeking guidance.