Rajni Patwardhan – Women setting new Benchmarks for Growth | Women in Kale

Rajni Patwardhan – Women setting new Benchmarks for Growth | Women in Kale

According to a study, companies with at least 30 per cent women workforce are sure to outperform their competitors. In line with this belief, Kale is one company with nearly 40 to 45 per cent women workforce. In certain departments and business functions, right from the leadership to the executive position, there are only women. Therefore, the success of Kale Logistics Solutions as a niche player in the global logistics IT solutions space is more or less attributed to the woman workforce in Kale.
Meet Rajni Patwardhan, Marketing Head at Kale Logistics Solutions, who developed a unique marketing strategy for the company, and executes the same with the same zeal she started six years ago. She comes with nearly two decades of experience in the industry and a thorough understanding of how IT solutions companies work. Here is a detailed note on her journey with Kale.

Setting the mandate and benchmarks for marketing

Talking about her changing marketing profile, Rajni said, “There’s a lot to love about being a modern marketer. Our profession is getting more creative and more technical at the same time. Driven by data more than ever, we are making the subject marketing more objective and goal based. The cool part of my job is do new everyday. We meet meaning, emotion and results that matter with creative marketing.”

Work-life balance for women

“Kale is promoting women workforce in a big way, with flexible work hours, Work-from-Home options, on job training, merit-based recognition, work-life-balance and encouraging women to join the work after sabbaticals. Today we have nearly 40 per cent of our workforce as women who are contributing significantly. Their career paths are well defined and mentored to take up leadership positions, “said Rajni.

Being valued as a woman

Speaking about opinions and inputs, Rajni said, “One good aspect I saw here was that in a meeting room where critical business decisions are discussed, an opinion from a woman colleague is always welcome, and appreciated. And that is something every woman would like to have. In Kale, every single woman in a leadership position would agree with me.”

High male to women ratio in the industry

“Kale is one company with an open culture wherein every single employee is respected equally irrespective of gender. A person is not judged based on his/her role or position or gender but on merit. It is rare to find such organisations in any industry. This is one of the reasons why women stay longer, and in some cases even after leaving or after a sabbatical they have come back to work. In some departments, there is a 100 per cent women presence and in some more than 70 per cent of them are women. Again, this is a rare phenomenon in any corporate company, “exclaims Rajni.

Why women should consider working for Kale

Rajni says, “I highly recommend every woman out there to pursue a career in Kale. Because the company offers exciting opportunities for everyone and pushes them to go the extra mile. Most importantly, they empathize with your challenges, and offer you a solution to overcome the same.”

A valuable asset

Rajni is one of the highly potential women leaders in Kale. She has been a valuable asset for the organization and has significant contribution to the organisation and its expansion in international markets. Going forward, we will get to know the story of several other women employees in Kale who have achieved beyond their limitations.