Women setting new benchmarks | Sneha Chaudhari- Mind expands till you are learning

Women setting new benchmarks | Sneha Chaudhari- Mind expands till you are learning


According to the 2022 Global Gender Gap Reports released by the World Economic Forum, India still has a long way to go on gender equality journey, as it ranks 135th out of 146 on a global rank. But new-age organisations are now creating a gender-equitable workplace that show an improvement in how to promote a gender-neutral workplace. 

 Kale Logistics Solutions is a shining example of a company actively promoting this practice. With 40% of women in their workforce, they are making commendable strides towards inclusivity. Among their outstanding employees is Sneha Chaudhari, a Senior Programmer Analyst who exemplifies the company’s commitment to gender equality. Her unwavering dedication to learning and personal growth inspires and motivates many with her passion and devotion to her work. 

Initial Days in Kale 

My visit to Kale Logistics left me thoroughly impressed with the upbeat and lively ambiance. The team was extremely supportive and motivating, enabling me to hone my skills and build my self-assurance. With initial guidance, they soon gave me the autonomy to work independently. 

Working with Male Colleagues 

I am genuinely grateful for my colleagues’ consistent support, regardless of gender. Their unwavering encouragement has played a vital role in my personal and professional growth as I have worked on various solutions and gained a deeper understanding of our offerings. I have been fortunate enough to work with supportive managers throughout my career, and my current female manager is exceptionally compassionate and understanding. 

Work-Life Balance  

I am proud to say that I am able to expertly balance my work and family life, thanks to the flexibility of my work schedule and the unwavering support of my team. Even after taking a maternity break, I quickly returned to work with full support from my team and smoothly slipped back into my work pattern. 

What makes Kale an attractive employer? 

Thanks to the supportive atmosphere and abundance of opportunities, I’ve been thriving at Kale Logistics Solutions for more than five years. They truly value high-quality work and never fail to recognize and appreciate it. Plus, they encourage us to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and tools. I highly recommend this workplace to all my female colleagues because it provides endless possibilities for career growth, making it an exciting and satisfying workplace. 

Ready to learn as knowledge is power

I am highly driven to excel in my career and continuously enhance my skills by acquiring new tools and techniques. The fact that my manager is a woman serves as an additional source of inspiration for me to reach my objectives. Gaining knowledge is an essential component of professional growth and success.